Monday, July 20, 2009

Mentors and Members 2009 (Beta) - Becoming a Made (wo)man!

The Makers Club is based on a Mentors and Members model.

It goes like this!

Anyone can come along on the club days - anyone! This does not mean you are a member though. oh no. not by a way. To become "made" you need to put the work in.
Membership is earned ! Earned through building something! There are no sleeping members here! If your work appears in the blog you are well on the way to being 'made'. The mentors decide who gets this honour. Once you have been made you are now entitled to call yourself a member of the Maker's club.

Members once established and with regular appearances can then move on to that great place and become a mentor!

Mentors are more experienced makers who contribute regularly to the meetings, show up help out and provide leadership and guidance in the club. It takes dedication and commitment. But its fun.

Following our successful beta launch from March - July. We can announce the Mentors for 2009-2010. They no particular order ....

John "Motor" Maloco
John "Sparks" Fitzpatrick
Denis "Build-it" Buckley
Aaron "Blocks" McCoy
Jim "Ecowarrior" Kinsella
Tomas "I can't give myself a nickname" Ward

Membership for the year goes to ...

Colm - for his Arduino Makers logo
Joe Timoney - for his retro synths
Anthony - for his Ibanez Tube screamers

Well done to all. We hope to launch the full Makers Club in the new semester - September 2009.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We have joined up all the elements now from scrap motors to webcams and brightness tracking. Now for some more interesting vision methods.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dennis 2 wire motor control

Dennis has completed a nice two wire controller for use with the bipolar motors. Saves us quite a few lines of code on the arduino.